Some audio and video samples, made on David Ley's instruments and restorations



Scott Ross playing Padre Soler - recorded 1988 in France


Mayako Soné playing J. S. Bach




Christophe Rousset playing  on Ioannes Couchet - 1652

Restoration by David Ley 

Rumour has it that his house in Paris is a treasure trove of obscure historic instruments. "That's true, but I always tend to play the same one" - a harpsichord made for him by David Ley - "because it's important that I have a benchmark. My home instrument. It's the anchor that allows me freedom to experiment elsewhere."

 HeraldScotland 14 August 2013


Scott Ross playing D'Anglebert - recorded 1987 



Scott Ross playing Haendel - recorded 1986 


Scott Ross playing Scarlatti - recorded 1988